• From last many years we had been organizing a monthly meet with our esteem clients, to exchange ideas on new development and update their knowledge thru series of talks. It is now time to move further. We want to be more effective in our philosophy of sharing knowledge with our clients.
  • From February 2018, we have switched to MONTHLY MASTER CLASS (MMC).
  • This MMC will cover the subject of DESIGN-OPTIMIZE-EXECUTE.
  • The philosophy will be to give hands on experience to a few, who can carry it forward in their own organization.
  • Carbon 1.5.6 Updates
  • Carbon M-Box 3.0 Updates
  • Updates in DiBox2.0 + Cutwise
  • Cutwise Cut Evolution
  • DALS Microscope Updates
  • DM OT (Optical Tomography)
  • 3D Stereo Glasses-free Monitor
  • Polish Model Exportsfor 3rd Party technology suppliers
  • Botswana Office in Full operations from 15th August 2022 providing X-Ray services and full onsite service support for clients in Southern African regions
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  • We will offer the most advanced technologies to compete on all fronts, from evaluating Rough diamonds at the mine to selling Polish diamonds to the consumer on the retail counter.
  • We have invested heavily in developing technologies and patenting them for the entire diamond value chain. It may be rough diamond value assessment, cutting & polishing, grading, branding, and B2B & B2C platform of Cloud computing and showcasing.
  • Hall #1A, Booth No #1D015-1C016 (Machinery Section)
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“Planning And Manufacturing Guideline For High-Performance Fancy Cuts And Value Addition”
2022-January 3rd-Jan-2022 At Lexus, Ichhapore, Surat, India

    The conference started with
  • WHY this new knowledge was required?
  • WHAT are the current challenges?
  • How these challenges could be overcome?

Click the following links to find more...

Semi Polish – Example 1 | Example 2
Rough Colorless – Example 1
Fancy Color – Example 1

  • Important CARBON PLATFORM Feature discussions.
  • Lexus MEC Bruter.
  • Cutwise Platform
  • X-Ray Tomography.
  • DALS - Adaptive Light Microscopes.
  • M-Box3.0 X16.
  • GIA ID-100
  • Cutwise Live.
  • DiBox 2.0 and ViBox.

Negative RT-PCR report from last 96 hours or full vaccination (both vaccines) mandatory for entry.

Kindly Email vaccination report of persons attending in advance to us at conference@lexusindia.in for verifications.

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  • We will offer the most advanced technologies to compete on all fronts, from evaluating Rough diamonds at the mine to selling Polish diamonds to the consumer on the retail counter.
  • We have invested heavily in developing technologies and patenting them for the entire diamond value chain. It may be rough diamond value assessment, cutting & polishing, grading, branding, and B2B & B2C platform of Cloud computing and showcasing.
  • Hall #1A, Booth No #1D015-1C016 (Machinery Section)
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  • IDI (Indian Diamond Institute) and Lexus SoftMac conducted a 5 days short Training cum Awareness Program on topic “Smart AnyCut (Fancy shape Asymmetric Smart Recut)” for the trade from 30th Sep, 2019 to 04th October, 2019 at IDI, Katargam, Surat. The whole objective was to help artisans add value thru maximizing mass while still retaining high Fire/Brilliance and Optical Symmetry for fancy shape diamonds. The seminar was specifically for the benefit of the members who are into fancy shape manufacturing and are keen on providing consistent result (grade, look & mass recovery) every time..
  • Mr. Hitesh Verma, Mr. Subhash Pareek & Prakash Jha from IDI, and Mr. Huzefa Petit & Mr. Krishna Tandel from Lexus SoftMac, explained the process and gave hands on training on the Smart AnyCut software to 15 members from the trade. All trainees felt enlightened and praised the initiative. Mr. Hitesh Verma concluded the program with his views and announced regular short-term training courses to be launched soon by IDI.
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  • HPO SR v.5.4.6 – Improved SR Optimization & further updates.
  • DC – New Updates & Bug Fixes.
  • MBox 5.5.4 – New Updates & Bug Fixes.
  • Evolution of Diamond Cut.
  • Galahad Compass – Techniques to improve production.
  • Smart Any Cut – Fancy Smart Recut – Case Studies.
  • HPO SR v.5.2.22
    • How to use maximum diameter deviations in Smart Recut and allow extra facets or Naturals in Final Planning to gain extra weight.
    • Manual plotting in HP SR using Cavity and Plane options for safe planning.
    • Inbuilt H&A Profile, Different presets as per profile updates in HP.
    • I3D Client Viewer Update.
  • X-Ray and HiG Automatic inclusion plotting.
  • MBox and MBox iG Updates.
  • Cutwise Updates & DiBox2.0 + Cutwise Service*. (*Free Service for Limited Period.)
  • Special Auto plot service from LTM for stones above 10 Cts.
  • Understanding of GIA New Rule for Girdle Thickness.
  • HPO v5.2.x : new important updates.
  • Smart Any Cut Introduction.
  • Use of M-Box for Charting inclusions & cavities in Semi Polish and Blocked stones.
  • Xray Shapper for retaining cavity model from previous stage.
  • Update in ViBox & DiBox 1.0 for 360◦ video .
  • X-ray Machine update.
  • Galahad Compass Video.
  • HPO v5.0.35 : Smart Re-Cut - Important Updates- Some typical Query Solved and explanations of all new features.
  • Galahad Compass : Az Calibration and Click Count System in Galahad Compass: Support for “Clicks” on dop.
  • Helium Polish Oxygen - Show Grid Option in: With the grid enabled, you can click to display vertical and horizontal measurements (mm) of the projection of the displayed model in its current position.
  • XrayShaper : Intersection of Xray Model with Helium Model.
  • Discussion on Fluorescence in Diamonds and its significance, Making Virtual Colour Masters in DiBox 2.0 for D to Z Colors.
  • Modified Round Brilliant - What it means?
  • New Products from HRD.
  • Smart Recut for Round Brilliant stones - case study - challenges and parameter settings for your My GIA Limit with Examples.
  • Galahad Update – Use of click & Az Calibration.
  • X Ray Tomography - Case Study for Checking Precision in Cavity Plotting and execution.
  • Helium Polish Oxygen New Models of 2019 .
  • New Multi Grade Report in Grade Estimator.
  • Fancy Shape Symmetry based on GIA Grading is still a tricky challenge for lot of Diamond Manufacturers. We will have Live Discussions on Projects/MMD and will have an important & meaningful inference out from this discussion.
  • Galahad Compass Version 4.8.14 – New Features and its importance.
  • Helium Polish Oxygen Smart Recut Update Version 4.8.20 with discussions on lot of parameters including extra facet based recut
  • Why some Round Stones are still degraded for GIA cut and/or symmetry even if Helium/Lexus GIA facetware shows otherwise. Case studies and discussions.
  • LEX Export - Formula Exports Updates and Minor Grade Estimator updates.
  • Oval Smart Recut - Shape Control.
  • What to expect in SMART FANCY ?
  • "Fancy Shape Symmetry" - Importance of precision in cutting fancy shape diamond, to achieve required planned performance.
  • Galahad Compass Version 4.8.14 Updates.
  • Helium Polish Oxygen Version 4.7.27 Updates.
  • Galahad training experience with first 5 company’s polishers trained at Lexus & new Galahad Compass update.
  • Oval wBT Facetware type grid appraiser in HPO-SR.
  • Features of Helium Polish Oxygen Version.
  • DiBox2.0 Widget Options Updates for Easier E-Commerce Application on your own web portal. Cutwise Update 3.15. Getting various parametric data like Fire / Brilliance / Optical symmetry and Cut Performance. (https://cutwise.com/mwidget?p=6_T898)
  • HPO - (Helium Polish Oxygen Server Beta 4.5.12) Discussions on New Updates
  • GALAHAD Compass update (HPO Compass v. 4.5.19) - Use of Girdle Marking and complete step by step explanation to ensure twice as productions then normal with higher accuracies in facet angle and azimuth.
  • HPO Smart Recut Updates (HPOxygen 4.5.12)
  • Case Studies
    • Helum Rough / MBox - Immersion Glass.
    • Oxygen X-Ray.
    • EOS Bruting.
    • Pavilion Reflect
  • When the stone is in blocked condition and when smart recut plan is being made, very shallow and very deep cavities pose a big problem in making right estimation and accurate planning. Typical Scanning with whitener liquid is completely ineffective and inefficient. X-Ray Micro CT is the only solution, which will be discussed with some case studies.
  • Galahad Compass - Learning how to use it.
  • DiBox 2.0 New Updates. New UV Fluorescence / Color / Fire / Optical symmetry index Study
  • Helium Rough Export Utility.
  • M-Box / HPO / Grade Estimator Updates

25th to 30th December 2017 @ Lexus SoftMac, Ichhapore, Surat
Lexus Organized Live Demo of 5 New Products
Galahad: a revolutionary polishing technology,
Helium Polish Oxygen Crown Reflect: the guru of helium polish scanner,
Oxygen X-Ray Tomography: Very Precise narrow cavity / open crack measurement,
Oxygen Smart Fancy: Smart Allocation algorithm for all Fancy Shape @ any stage.
DiBox2.0: Rapid Photo & Movie Capturing System.
Between 25th to 30th December 2017, in two separate time slots
(9:30am to 12:30pm and 2:30pm to 5:30pm) we hope you will take this opportunity, and confirm the date and time of your visit, preferably before
20th December 2017, on
Call / WhatsApp: +91-9825943071 or
Email : suresh@lexusindia.in.

New Product's Launching

  • Galahad
  • Oxygen X-Ray Tomography
  • Oxygen Smart Fancy
  • Helium Polish Oxygen Crown Reflect
  • DiBox 2.0
  • Working with DZ technology for solutions not planned in Helium + M-Box technology.
  • New updates in Helium Polish Oxygen (Server).
  • HiG updates with TM mode new updates 3.23.2770
  • M-box Updates
  • Pacor updates 6.0.200
  • Crystal reports in Helium Rough
  • This time, We will be organizing Purely training sessions, For various technologies which have emerged lately and are giving immense value additions. Viz
  • Hands-on Helium Immersion Glass using HIG-1.5 Auto Plot and M-Box 2.0
  • Helium Polish Oxygen Smart Recut
  • EOS Econo & Fancy Bruters
  • Avalon Plus
  • Morgana.
  • DC Cut Design
  • Understanding in-depth of the GIA certificates - Cut & Symmetry mismatch/discrepancies - Case Studies.